The ensuing opposition and desecration of the mural raised the issue of our neighborhood’s historic and continued systemic racism. Realizing the precedent set by redlining in Upper Rockridge, residents joined to contest it by working on a permanent mural that evolves the spirit of the original piece. We hope to install a public piece of art that uplifts and celebrates our community’s now diverse and inclusive identity.


The resistance to our mural project and the petition against it has been a surprising and dismaying turn of events. Our intention is not to alienate any residents, but instead to demonstrate inclusivity and harmony. 


We are now working on the mural’s design. It will reflect positivity and creativity, and comes from artists invested in advancing the cultural identity of Oakland. The mural will comply with guidelines given to us from the Department of Transportation to insure its safety and longevity.

We appreciate the positive feedback we’ve received and we thank you for your support!

The mural chalked on the stairs of the beautiful and beloved Sunflower Path in June of 2020 was a timely response to the killing of George Floyd. Three young women wrote the names of victims of police brutality to make a statement in our neighborhood that Black Lives Matter.