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The mural chalked on the stairs of the beautiful and beloved Sunflower Path in June of 2020 was a timely response after the killing of George Floyd. Three young women wrote the names of victims of police brutality to make a statement in our neighborhood that Black Lives Matter. Unfortunately, it faced opposition and was vandalized, highlighting the ongoing issues of systemic racism in our neighborhood.


The Sunflower Path is a seminal landmark that sits within historical redlining borders that prevented people of color to live in the area. 


Realizing the precedent set by redlining in Upper Rockridge, we decided this was the spot to make a statement about Oakland's new identity

residents joined to contest it by working on a permanent mural that evolves the spirit of the original piece. We hope to install a public piece of art that uplifts and celebrates our community’s now diverse and inclusive identity.


Our mural has been approved by Oakland's Public Arts Advisory Committee and the Oakland Department of Transportation, complying with City of Oakland Policy on Artist & Community Initiated Public Art Projects guidelines to insure the murals safety and longevity. (Take a look at the proposed mural design!)

We appreciate the feedback we’ve received and we thank you for your support!

Painting is now UNDERWAY! Take a stroll by the stairs to see the mural as it emerges!

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