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Thank you, community members, for supporting our mural! Painting is in progress now, and should be done in June!




the movement, migration, or scattering of a people away from an established or ancestral homeland.


people who have been dispersed from their homeland


DIASPORA celebrates the beauty and strength of Oakland’s diversity. The mural aims to break the paradigm of redlining and systemic racism and cultivate a new social and cultural awareness of unity. 


The many cultures, heritages and ethnicities that make up Oakland’s identity are reflected with graphic and textile patterns. 


Patterns represent cultures in such rich ways: as a means of communication, often signifying cultural values, proverbs or messages, to mark special occasions and customs, as symbolic representations and of course, as a form of identity.


The design incorporates a wide array of colors and styles that are harmonized by picking up colors from adjacent steps. Inspired by the Fibonacci series, repetition sequences add visual coherence and balance to the composition.


For added whimsy, animal motifs engage young viewers while sunflower motifs on the base steps of each flight call back to the path's name. There are many more hidden gems, see if any reveal themselves to you!

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